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Electroglas Probers now have a new upgrade available for them. The NexGen system is now available for sale. The NexGen system modernizes the old electronics in the EG systems. The EG 1034 becomes a state of the art prober that is controllable through USB or a CAN bus. The NexGen package was developed by Quater Research and Development and is sold as a customer upgrade or a factory installed system by Miller Design on the EG 1304x systems. The system eliminates the need for a power module so the space savings is also great. The commands available are very useful for controlling every aspect of the machine. We are working with a couple of wafer map software companies for further control of the machine and a variety of testers.

The Electroglas 2001 and newer machines are being handled by Probe Specialists in Morgan Hill, CA

Miller Design and Equipment will still represent the EG1034 machines for upgrades and repairs like we have in the past


Miller Design & Equipment was established in 1978 by Don Miller, a crazy old guy who thought integrity and great service were the back bone of a good company.  We started out repairing older probe stations for customers and helping start-up companies find the best probers for their application and budget.  Don, being who he is, got tired of repairing the same old problems on some of the machines that he started making improvements on them. This led to us getting into full refurbishing of probers. We started concentrating on the EG 1034 prober, and spent the next 15 years repairing, modifying and basically improving the prober. By last count, we had designed and manufactured over 15 improved parts for the 1034 plus many simple modifications that make the machine more reliable. We also developed a low cost wafer mapping prober controller for the 1034, the Super D, for our customers that could not justify the higher cost alternatives. Currently, we are working on a complete electronic upgrade package for the 1034, as the IC's in the electronics are getting harder and harder to find. We also added the EG 2001 to our stable of machines we specialize in refurbishing, another great low cost prober from EG. 

Not wanting to forget our customers that could not afford semi or fully automatic probers, we continued to refurbish many other brands of manual probe stations, and still do to this day. We can refurbish your probe station or sell you a completely refurbished machine from our large inventory. We also manufacture our own micropositioner, the Model P-10, as well as buy, sell, and refurbish many other brands for resale.

Years of working on other manufacturers manual probe stations gave us a very good overall picture of what works well and what does not. With this knowledge, we decided to manufacture our own probe station, integrating the ideas we had seen from different probers into one manual low cost probe station, the MDE 2008 8" manual probe station. 

In the late 90's we bought the Veeco FPP 5000 Automatic Resistivity meter four point probe from Veeco and have been manufacturing, servicing, and calibrating it since. 

Don has long since chosen the greener pastures of retirement, but we still run under his core values of integrity and great service for a fair price. We still provide assistance and low cost solutions to start-up companies and others through our variety of probe stations and related products. If you have not heard of us, please feel free to ask around and check out our reputation. You will hear that we are a little old fashion and still believe our word is better than any contract, and our reputation is more important than any sale. 

You may also hear that we believe we are funnier than others may think, but that just goes with making sure work is not only fulfilling, but fun.

If you have any questions or need any help, just give us a call.


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