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MDE 2008 shown with Navitar single tube microscope

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The Miller Design and Equipment Model 2008 Probe Station

After 35 years of working on other manufactures’ probe stations, we have decided to build our own.  As we have worked on almost every brand out there, such as Micromanipulator, Signatone, and Rucker and Kolls; we have a fair idea of what works, and what doesn’t. We have designed the MDE 2008 with these things in mind.  We’ve incorporated ideas from the best machines and eliminated the weaknesses.  The MDE 2008 is simple, well-built, easily maintained, upgradeable, and easy-to-use.  Our probe station has no belts to wear out or break, no fancy vacuum system to fail, no hidden screws or bolts that you need to be a contortionist to get to, and no over-engineered and under-built platen mechanisms to fight.


Pull Out Load Position              Right Slide View         Optional Microscope Movement    Micrometer Head Adjust

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The MDE 2008 is a compact probe station ideal for R & D, failure analysis, RF probing, biological and medical research probing.  The latching pullout stage is cable and lead screw driven with 8” of travel, even on our 6” machines.  This allows for future upgrade to larger wafers by simply changing the chuck, rather than purchasing an entirely new machine.  The platen lift mechanism is a chain driven eccentric that will not wear out or break.  The 2” diameter micrometer platen height adjustment is easy to read and use.  The all aluminum base is compact and sturdy without being unnecessarily heavy.  The stainless steel platen posts with large linear bearings will not stick or wear out.  The MDE 2008 is simply an affordable well engineered probe station built by people who have made their living off repairing, refurbishing, and adjusting probe stations for a long, long, time.


  • Primarily constructed of black anodized aluminum and stainless steel for rugged dependability.
  • Compact size and small footprint.
       Height = 17" Depth = 19" Width = 20"
  • Manual stage provides a full 8" of travel for both X and Y axis and 90 degrees of rotation.
       Mechanical drive ratios: Y-Axis = 19.8:1 X-Axis = 3.25:1 Rotation = 1:1
       Planarization: Adjustable to better than 0.0005" over chuck surface
  • Vacuum actuated chuck, gold plated , stainless steel or custom design
       Flatness: +/- 0.0001"
  • Pull-out stage provides easy and clear access for loading/unloading wafers.
  • Eccentric-drive lift mechanism provides 1/4" of travel with smooth, no-bounce probe contact. Repeatability: +/-0.0001"
  • Micrometer adjustable over travel for control of probe compression.
       Graduations: 0.0001" Accuracy: 0.0001"
  • Unique 3-point clamps allow for rotational alignment of probe array and quick change of rings.
  • Leveling pads allow for secure and level adjustment to mounting surface.
  • Optional air shock anti-vibration mounting for high magnification applications.
  • Optional fine theta adjust provides high resolution for rotational alignment.
  • Optional X-Y microscope movement.
       X Travel = +/- 1" (2" Total) Y Travel +/- 1" (2" Total)
  • Optional MDE focus block can be configured for mounting optical or video microscopes.
       Mechanical drive ratio of 280:1 eliminates the need for separate coarse and fine focus.


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