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Founded in 1972 as D.O. Industries, Navitar started out as the exclusive US distributor for Fuji Photo film for cameras and lenses, and added several more exclusive distributorships through 1983.  In 1984, they manufactured the first Zoom 6000 Video Microscope lenses.  D.O. Industries officially changed their name to Navitar, Inc in 1993.  For the next two decades, Navitar bought up many companies to help them become one of the premier lens/microscope manufacturing companies in the world. 

Sometime around 2003, Navitar, Inc, with only 300,000 or so lens systems sold, decided they wanted to be a real player in the industry so they reached out and contacted us.  Showing their phenomenal business savvy, they requested that we become a dealer for them. Reluctant at first, them being small company and all, we eventually caved in after a long courtship, promises and bribes. Thinking our relationship would be nothing more that a short fling, we were surprised as anyone when it turned out to be a marriage made in heaven.  Not only are these guys sharp and motivated, they also care about their customers and are actually a lot of fun!  We can honestly say we have never worked with another company that tries harder to make their dealers and customers happy, knowledgeable, and satisfied. 

12X Zoom - The next generation in video zoom optics with the Highest Combination of Zoom Range and Resolution in a State-of-the-Art Zoom System

With a numeric aperture of 0.018 - 0.1 and a nominal zoom range of 0.58 - 7X, the 12X is the only single lens system to provide such a high combination of zoom range and resolution. This outstanding combination of video clarity and zoom range, coupled with unprecedented field coverage, means that you will now be able to view a wider range of parts with a single video inspection system.

The 12X Zoom system is designed on a modular basis, offering optical quality and mechanical flexibility. This interchangeable design, combined with a wide range of lens adapters and attachments, allows you to easily choose the magnification, field of view and working distance that best suit your viewing needs. In fact, the 12X Zoom system is even compatible with existing Zoom 6000 adapters. All 12X Zoom models have a 12X parfocal zoom lens system with a high N.A. to achieve higher resolution and improved contrast. Working distance can be varied from 32 mm (1.25”) to 341 mm (13.4”) and fields of view can be achieved from 0.006 mm to 85.71 mm.


Navitar 12X Zoom

Zoom 6000 Lens System - A Workhorse to Fit Nearly Any Application

With a diverse selection of body tubes, accessory optics, motorized configurations, and lighting techniques, the Zoom 6000 is Navitar’s workhorse with unbeatable versatility. This modular zoom lens system incorporates Navitar’s world-renowned optics. This “building block design” can be configured to fit nearly any application.

The parfocal optical system of the Zoom 6000 has a 6.5:1 zoom ratio, a 0.7X to 4.5X zoom range, and total magnification (depending on lens adapters and attachments used) of 0.09X to 393X. The working distance can be varied from 34 mm (1.3”) to 390 mm (15.4”). The achievable field of view can vary from 0.01 mm to 125.68 mm.


Navitar 6000 Zoom




Motic was created in 1988 specializing in the manufacturing of conventional compound microscopes. Owned by Speed Fair Co., Ltd., the company has offices in Hong Kong together with Sales Offices in the United States, Canada, Germany and Spain.  Probably their biggest claim to fame is developing a microscope to go head to head against the Mitutoyo FS series, the PSM 1000.

Since its creation, the PSM 1000 has been aimed at this market.  Lower price, Laser ready, much better lead time on orders, and parts availability have helped immensely.  Motic also offer objective with same forward thinking business plan as their microscopes; price, delivery, and warranty.

Motic’s SMZ line of practical high performance zoom stereomicroscopes offer an amazing bang for the buck.  Versatile, affordable, and functional, the SMZ series are an excellent choice in stereomicroscopes.

PSM 1000

Originally designed and intended for semiconductor prober industry, the PSM-1000 performs the task of both the optical inspection unit when viewing the connections on a wafer, and the laser delivery system for correcting connections.


The SMZ-140 line is the most versatile stereomicroscope manufactured by Motic. The basic model is a zoom stereomicroscope system with a zoom ratio of 4 : 1 and a working distance of  80 mm based upon the Greenough optical system. The Greenough optical system displays crisp, stereoscopic images while having the ruggedness to handle harsh environments of the laboratory or machines.


The SMZ-168 Series of stereomicroscopes incorporates a zoom ratio of 6.7: 1, one of the industry’s largest, with a standard working distance of 113mm inside a Greenough optical stereo system. Moreover, the standard system provides a maximum magnification of 50X (with standard 10X eyepieces) and guaranteed parfocality throughout the magnifications.

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