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Rucker & Kolls


Model 260

The Rucker and Kolls Model 260 is one of our personal favorite little probers.  They are compact, sturdy, and simple, yet accurate, just a great little machine.  This probe station comes standard with a 4” stage travel and a 4” chuck, dual Platen lift knobs located on left and right, with micrometer adjustable Z height, and pull out stage feature for easy loading and unloading of wafers. It’s commonly equipped with either a Bausch and Lomb Stereo Zoom 4 or 7 Microscope with fluorescent illumination, but an excellent candidate for a single tube microscope with a CCD camera, and Fiber Optic co-axial illumination.  Also available with an optional X-Y Microscope movement top bar which allows the viewing of a large die or substrate without moving the stage.  If you are looking for a small probe station or you do not need over 4” of stage travel (package device probing, small samples, etc), we highly recommend the Model 260, an excellent choice for performance versus cost. 


Rucker & Kolls model 666


Rucker & Kolls model 667



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Last modified: 05/06/09