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The Signatone 250 Series

The Signatone 250 Series is one of our favorites.  They come in several chuck sizes, 4" 5" and 6" versions.  They have three different microscope stages available with up to 6" of microscope movement to make sure you can view your device under test.  Between the massive microscope stage and the heavy castings of the base itself, these machines work excellent with the higher power microscopes like the Motic PSM 1000, the Mitutoyo FS series or the old reliable B & L Micro Zoom.  Feel free to crank up the magnification and start the dance music in the lab, you can probe with these babies during a polka dance off!

The platen lift mechanism is one of the most accurate and sturdy we have ever seen; the probe card holder mounts under the platen making use of almost any micropositioners with a probe card a viable solution, and the vacuum drop down of the chuck is a great design.  Overall, just an all around excellent machine.

When we refurbish one of these machines, well, first of all, we really earn our money.  Did we mention that they are heavy?  Not only are the castings overbuilt, but where other manufactures decided that 5 screws were enough to connect parts, Signatone decide that 750 would be better!  And making them easily accessible would make it way to easy for people like us, so they placed them where only a contortionist could get to them. 

But enough complaining on our part. After we have gone through one of these machines and cleaned, adjusted, lubed, repaired or replaced anything in need, you will have a prober that will give you years of trouble free performance with less maintenance than almost any other prober out there. 

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Last modified: 05/06/09