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Why choose Miller Design and Equipment?

Q: You say you "refurbish" probers; What exactly does that mean?

A: Technically speaking, refurbish is the wrong word, it just sounds good.  To refurbish means to clean up and restore.  What we do is more along the lines of reconditioning.  We do not concentrate on the looks of a prober, we are more into making it function like it did the day it was purchased.  Not to say that we ship out ugly machines, but we tend to concentrate on the mechanical integrity of the machines, and not worry so much if they have a scratch or two.  Mechanical stages are torn down to their key components and gone through.  All belts and air/vacuum lines are replaced and the gears are inspected and replaced as needed.  Everything is inspected, cleaned, lubed, adjusted, planerized, and dialed in.  At Miller Design, we do much more than simply refurbish the machines, but we still think the word sounds cool, so we use it.

Q: Why should I buy one of your Refurbished Probers instead of New?

A: Simple, money.  A Refurbished machine can cost as little as 25% of a new machine, but usually run about half the cost.  They have already taken the major depreciation hit and we warranty them.  Plus the added benefit of configuring the machine to your needs and applications versus what the original manufacture decides, is available.  Also, if you do not need cutting edge technology you shouldn't have to pay for it just because the new manufactures do not produce the machine anymore. Why buy a $50K prober when a $20K prober will do the same job for you?

Q: Do you only refurbish your machines to sell?

A: No.  If you have a good machine that just needs refurbished, we will take your machine and go through our process with it.  We will take your machine in, inspect it, then quote you the costs before we do all the work.  It will be entirely up to you how much you want to spend or how far you want us to go.  Not all machines are worth refurbishing though, even a state of the art prober will hit the point of diminishing returns at some point. 

Q: How can you cost effectively refurbish machines?

A: We have 30 plus years of parts and machines in our inventory.  If we don't have the parts, we can get them from the original manufacturer.  If they are not available, one of our certified machinists can usually build it with one of our eight CNC machines in-house.  Our in-house machine shop and our remote location allows us to have cheaper operating costs than most of our competitors.

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Last modified: 05/06/09