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The Micromanipulator Model 2525 is a 4-axis manipulator recommended for probing submicron structures or greater. Since the control knobs are on the back end of this micropositioner, it may be used on either side of a probe station.


Model 2525                                  Features:

                                                  - Adjustable height nose piece

                                                  - X-Y-Z travel of 12.7mm

                                                  - Pivoting quick lift Z knob




The Micromanipulator model 450/550 is recommended for probing structures 1 microns or greater. These micropositioners offer a travel of 6.4mm per axis and have 100 TPI knobs.



                Model 450




The Micromanipulator model 110/210 is recommended for probing 10 micron structures or larger. Travel on X-Y-Z is 0.4 inch (10.0mm).

The model 110 is designed to be used on the right side of the probe station (right handed) and the model 210 is designed to be used on the left side of the probe station (left handed).




                                                                                                     Model 210


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