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Micropositioners - New


Miller Design P-10 Micropositioner 

The model P-10 series X-Y-Z Micropositioners are manufactured to precision tolerances from 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy, have a hard black anodize finish, and lifetime lubrication.  Stainless steel lead screws provide high resolution adjustment (80:1 mechanical ratio) through .50 inches of travel.  These construction characteristics and simplicity of design make this product extremely rugged and reliable.


Optional configurations and compact sizes make these positioners practical for many applications.  Configurations include;  left or right hand X-axis adjustment, fixed mount, magnetic or vacuum bases, and probe arm or adjustable bracket.  The probe arm will accept .020 inch diameter probes and the adjustable bracket may be used to hold items such as inkers or edge sensors.     


P-10 with Hard Mount & Inker Bracket

P-10 with Test Arm, Holder & Mag Base

Standard Specifications:

- Height: 2.000" Nominal

- Base footprint: 2.000" X 2.000

- Travel: X, Y, Z axis = .500"

- Resolution: .020 per turn

- P-10  Magnetic Base

- A-20240 Test Arm Holder

- A-20241 Insulator

- H-20260 Connecting Pin

Our parent company is Quater Research and Development. Quater Research and Development prides themselves on maintaining quality and service for over 25 years. They continue to meet the demanding needs of engineers, testers and researchers in the semiconductor, wafer and science industries. They provide a full integration of their product line and the wafer probing equipment made by other manufacturers.


Please be sure to indicate left or right handed when ordering.

Description   Price
P-10 Standard (Magnetic Base)   $500
P-10V (Vacuum Base)   $630
P-10HI (Hard Mount & Inker Bracket)   $520

All P-10's are in stock and ship within 24 hours of receipt of purchase order.


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