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Kinetics Vibration Tables

Are hangovers, nervousness or maybe just heavy footed co-workers making probing difficult for you? Does touching down on a target feel similar to trying to thread a needle in a covered wagon on a cobblestone street?  Maybe a vibration table can solve some of these issues for you (plus some aspirin and lots of water, of course).

Shrinking devices, submicron traces, and ultra fine test needles are making wafer probing more challenging everyday.  Add in the outside movement of your work environment and your productivity could be reduced even more.  By isolating external vibrations with a vibration table, you will increase your chances of hitting these frustratingly shrinking targets, impressing your boss, and meeting the person you want to spend the rest of you life with.   

We are a distributor of Kinetics Systems, Inc. vibration tables, what we feel is the best brand out there. KSI was established in 1968 and have been concentrating on vibration isolation everyday since.  Rumor has it that one of the founding members had so many hyperactive kids that they were bouncing his house off the foundation and driving him crazy. So he set out on some kind of personal quest to eliminate all unnecessary vibrations in the world, like some kind of Anti-vibration Super Hero or something. This of course could all be just a myth, perpetuated by Kinetics marketing geniuses, but were not sure.  Either way, we all can benefit from their hard work and dedication in fighting the evil vibrations, so thank you, Kinetics, we appreciate it.

Kinetic Systems Inc engineers (possible Super Hero descendants?) are continuously working on improvements in their field.  They can also help with custom applications, designs, or isolation issues (apparently, Super Hero merit badges are quite the coveted item at KSI!), if you need them. 

The four most common models we sell for probers from Kinetic Systems Inc are the 2200, 9100, 9200, and the 1200 series.  We can get any of the products they offer for you. These are just the models that we mostly commonly sell to our customers in the wafer probing industry.


Kinetic Systems, Inc 2200 Series BenchMate Vibration-Free Platforms

The Benchmate Vibration-Free platforms are made to enhance the performance of precision tabletop equipment. The 2210 models have a passive-air design (closed loop) and requires periodic manual leveling.  The 2212 model is an Active-air design that requires an air source for use.  It is self leveling and recommended for regular use.  The 2214 model is similar to the 2212, but also has multistage horizontal isolation.  It is recommended where horizontal vibrations are a problem. 


The 1200 Series LabMate Vibraplane workstations

The 1200 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation is designed to isolate loads up to 1300/2800 lbs and is the obvious choice for moving loads, like automated wafer probers.  It comes standard with high performance Active-air suspension and automatic leveling and height control. Its also excellent for higher centers of gravity with its 1 thick VibraDampened steel or 4 granite tabletops. 


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Last modified: 05/06/09